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The krill survey around the South Orkney Islands continues

Here’s the latest from the team onboard the ‘Saga Sea’ as they continue their krill survey in the Southern Ocean.

An insider's look at surveying krill around the South Orkney Islands

The Institute for Marine Research (IMR) in Norway has collaborated for a decade with Aker BioMarine, with a focus on...

Collaboration is key for sustainability

2020 is a year that is about making former investments succeed, said our CEO Matts Johansen during his interview with...

How are Fisheries Exploring New Technology?

Our CEO sat down with the folks at McKinsey to talk about some of the biggest challenges in the fishing industry and how...

High ranking as Norway’s most innovative

Aker BioMarine takes a high fourth place on this year’s list of Norway’s most innovative companies by Innovasjonsmagasinet.

Aker BioMarine lays out sustainability strategy for contentious krill fishery

Last week, Runa Haug Khoury, our Director of Sustainability, was interviewed by IntraFish about driving sustainability...