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Matts Johansen

Chief Executive Officer (CEO)


Matts Johansen has been CEO of Aker BioMarine since 2015. He first joined the company in 2009 as Chief Operating Officer. Prior to his career in Aker BioMarine, Johansen served as the Chief Marketing Officer at Telefónica O2. He studied at Oslo University College and completed executive education at Columbia University.

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Katrine Klaveness

Chief Financial Officer (CFO)

Katrine Klaveness became CFO of Aker BioMarine in 2018. Prior to joining Aker BioMarine, she spent the first part of her career in McKinsey & Company, followed by several years in senior positions in Aker ASA’s investment team and Aker BP. Klaveness holds a master’s degree from BI Norwegian Business School.


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Tone Lorentzen

Chief Operating Officer (COO), Human Health Ingredients

Tone Lorentzen joined Aker BioMarine in 2015 and currently oversees Aker BioMarine’s entire supply chain, including global logistics, customer care, production at the krill oil factory in Houston, third party production, product quality and HSSE. Prior to joining the company, she held roles at Nycomed, Amersham, GE Healthcare and Trygg Pharm


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Sigve Nordrum

Chief Commercial Officer (CCO), Feed Ingredients


Sigve Nordrum joined Aker BioMarine in 2007. He is responsible for the global sales and marketing of krill products for animal and aquaculture markets. Previously, he worked at BioMar and the Norwegian Ministry of Fisheries. He has a master’s degree from the Norwegian School of Life Sciences and a PhD from the Norwegian Veterinary College.


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Simon Seward

Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Human Health Ingredients


Simon Seward joined Aker BioMarine in 2019. He is responsible for global sales and marketing of the company’s Human Nutrition & Health products. Prior to joining Aker BioMarine, he was SVP Sales & Marketing at Algalif and Commercial Director at NutraQ. Seward has a master’s degree in Marketing from Staffordshire University.


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Hege Spaun

Chief Officer People & External Affairs


Hege Spaun joined Aker BioMarine in 2016. She is responsible for the People and Culture, as well as ensuring that the company is in the forefront of driving the sustainability agenda and transitioning our operations accordingly. She previously held various positions in DNV. Spaun holds a master’s degree in Psychology from the University of Oslo.


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Trond Atle Smedsrud

Chief Executive Officer (CEO),

Emerging Business


Trond Atle Smedsrud joined Aker BioMarine in 2015. He is responsible for exploring, securing, and growing corporate investments. Smedsrud has also served as head of Aker BioMarine’s Marketing and Innovation department. Previously, he held senior positions at Coca-Cola and PwC. He has a master’s degree from BI Norwegian Business School.


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Webjørn Barstad

Chief Executive Officer (CEO),
Feed Ingredients



Webjørn Barstad joined Aker BioMarine in 2020 as Executive Vice President Offshore. Previously, he served as CEO for Lerøy Havfisk and Lerøy Norway Seafoods, and as COO at Lerøy Seafood Group. Barstad has a master’s degree in International Banking and Financial Studies from HeriotWatt University Business School, Edinburgh


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