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Privacy legislation should, as a part of its broader purpose, ensure integrity and confidentiality in the processing and storing of personal data. Aker BioMarine safeguards the privacy of our employees and everyone we do business with when handling sensitive information. We will only use personal information for purposes that are demonstrably necessary for business operations, and personal information will be handled in accordance with Aker BioMarine's binding corporate rules.

Aker BioMarine's collection of personal information

Aker BioMarine collects personal information through the company's website. This is only done through explicit consent, for example in connection with downloading information material provided on the page (ebooks, blog subscriptions, etc.). Aker BioMarine only collects information provided by visitors themselves in the forms on the page.

Aker BioMarine uses the information solely in accordance with the company's privacy statement. The information obtained will never be sold or passed on to third parties for commercial use.

Purpose of storage

The purpose of the data collection is to enhance the visitor's experience of Aker BioMarine's website as well as to customize the communication the company sends visitors via e-mail after they have filled out a form on the company's web pages.

External websites

Aker BioMarine's website occasionally links to other websites for additional information. Aker BioMarine does not control and is not responsible for how these external web sites collect and use information. This privacy statement applies only to the AkerBiomarine’s own domains: www.akerbiomarine.com www.superbakrill.com, www.qrillaqua.com and www.qrillpet.com.

How Aker BioMarine processes personal information

Aker BioMarine processes personal information about employees, external consultants and employees temporarily engaged in internal projects. We also handle information about people who are not employed or engaged by Aker BioMarine (see below).

Aker BioMarine will always ensure responsible and legal processing of personal data and will only use such information for explicitly stated and legitimate purposes, in accordance with relevant legislation, and related to our own operations.

Aker BioMarine will ensure appropriate information security related to confidentiality, integrity and accessibility. Personal data will not be stored longer than necessary to complete the purpose of the processing. You may request access at any time if you wonder what information we have stored about you, or wish to have all your personal information deleted from AkerBiomarine’s systems. You can also withdraw your consent. If you wish to make use of these rights, please use the form below.

External service providers (data handlers) may process personal data on behalf of Aker BioMarine in various areas. Aker BioMarine will act in accordance with applicable legislation to protect the personal data processed by external service providers.

Aker BioMarine also treats information about people who are not employed or engaged by Aker BioMarine, and for the following purposes:

Contact with customers and suppliers

Through our activity focused on customers, suppliers and other third parties, we will regularly receive, collect, store and process personal information about relevant individuals. The purpose of our processing is amongst others: administration, communication, IT and information security, authentication, various support functions and execution of transactions, including collaboration and partner projects.

Integrity, due diligence and screening

Aker BioMarine conducts routine screening and Integrity Due Diligence (IDD) of all third parties we work with. The IDD process consists, amongst other elements, of collecting information that helps us understand who our potential partners are, what values they have and how they operate and should ensure compliance with Norwegian and international regulations on sanctions and prevention of money laundering. In some cases, these activities may also necessitate processing of personal data.

Transfer of personal information

Aker BioMarine has established a binding agreement with all subsidiaries outside the EU / EEA to provide Aker BioMarine AS with a legal basis for the transfer of personal data within the entire Aker BioMarine Group. These rules apply to all personal information that is protected by the EU's Privacy Policy.

Aker BioMarine will also ensure that the European rules on the transfer of personal data across national borders are followed when such information is transferred to external users (outside the Aker BioMarine group) located outside the EU / EEA.

How you exercise your rights as a registered individual

National and international legislation on the processing of personal data guarantees specific rights to registered individuals.. We refer to such relevant legislation for more information about your rights.

If you have questions or wish to exercise your rights as a registered individual, please contact the privacy representative for Aker BioMarine (email address: dpo@akerbiomarine.com).

Aker BioMarine's Privacy Statement was last updated: February 28, 2018.

Insight or deleting of information

Do you want insight into the information we have collected about you or deleting this information?

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