Purity and traceability

You can trust where Aker BioMarine's krill oil comes from as we know every detail of it. 


Relatively early in business, Aker BioMarine realized the value of controlling the entire supply chain and today we are proud of our full chain of custody, from harvesting krill, all the way to producing our krill oil end-products. Part of this promise is only made possible with the sophisticated GPS system onboard the vessels, which enables us to register the catch location of every batch of krill.



Traceability matters

Many consumers demand full transparency when it comes to the origin of their product choices and in particular when the product comes from our oceans.


We at Aker BioMarine have been ahead of this growing trend, recognizing early on the need to offer our customers the actual harvesting location for every krill oil batch. This harvesting location information is both a differentiator, but also for our customers, who can stand out as an attractive, trustworthy and responsible brand delivering the highest quality products.





Protecting customers and the environment 

Traceability is needed to ensure food safety, offer products that are
more responsibly produced and build consumer trust. Being able to follow
the whole production life cycle of our products provides Aker BioMarine
another level of quality assurance and ownership. We take pride in telling
the story of our krill oil products, because we know every detail of it.



Certified-sustainable operations

At Aker BioMarine we are known for our proprietary Eco-Harvesting technology, which reduces by-catch to a minimum, as well as fully transparent operations and Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) certification. For four years in a row, the krill fishery in the Antarctic was the only reduction fishery (a fishery producing fish/krill meal or fish/krill oil) worldwide to receive an “A” rating for sustainability from the Sustainable Fisheries Partnership (SFP).


We are also looking into our entire value chain to significantly reduce our CO2 emissions. Our recent investment in a more environmentally-friendly harvesting vessel is a first step toward building operations that not only take into account the environment and reduce our impact, but also allow us to do business in a low-carbon economy.


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