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What are the Benefits of Omega-3s from Krill Oil?

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There is no question that omega-3s play an important role in our health, but most of the world’s population doesn’t get enough. Since many of us do not eat enough of fatty fish, dietary supplementation may be necessary to help bridge the nutritional gap. Fortunately, in today’s market, there is no shortage of options, and that is where krill oil comes in. Krill oil, a marine phospholipid complex of choline and omega-3s, comes with a multitude of benefits.


These are the reasons by you should take an omega-3 such as krill oil:


  1. The phospholipid advantage

Not all omega-3s are created equal. In fact, there is no other supplement that provides the vital nutrients, choline and omega-3s, in such an efficient delivery form that krill oil can. With krill oil’s phospholipid advantage, the body immediately recognizes omega-3s (EPA & DHA) and incorporates them into the cells before carrying them to the tissues and organs that need them the most, such as the heart, brain, joints and more.


  1. Choline

In addition to its phospholipids, krill oil contains choline, a vital nutrient. Choline is naturally found in many foods (such as broccoli, eggs, milk, beef and more) and is crucial for many body functions, plus it helps benefit liver and heart health. Krill oil is a safe, effective and well tolerated way to boost your necessary intake levels of choline.


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  1. Astaxanthin

Krill oil contains astaxanthin, an antioxidant that gives the ingredient its red color. Astaxanthin naturally preserves the omega-3 fatty acids and protects krill oil from oxidation, eliminating the need to add preservatives.


  1. Raises omega-3 levels

Globally we are deficient in omega-3s, and that puts us at increased risk for a whole host of health issues. The omega-3 fatty acids EPA and DHA, found in krill oil, are important for optimal heart, brain, eye, joint and skin health, and they contribute to reducing inflammation in the body. Krill oil is clinically shown to raise the Omega-3 Index, a measure of overall omega-3 status in the body. A higher Omega-3 Index is associated with better, overall health.


       5. Sustainable and 100% traceable

When choosing a krill oil supplement, sustainability should be top of mind. Many of us take omega-3 supplements as part of a healthy lifestyle, but at the same time, the health of the oceans is equally important. To that end, your krill oil (and other dietary supplements) should come from sustainable sources.


  1. Better consumer experience

With krill oil, capsules are small which helps eliminate “pill fatigue”, and you won’t experience fishy burps or unpleasant digestion issues. Since phospholipids mix well with water, your krill oil will not sit on the top of your stomach.


As you can see, we all can benefit from taking an omega-3 such as krill oil. As a unique and powerful option, krill oil is becoming an increasingly sought after dietary supplement that is worth checking out!


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