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Aker BioMarine treasures openness and transparency to maintain a corporate culture in which people deliver excellent results in a responsible manner.


Whistleblowing channel

Aker BioMarine has established a whistleblowing channel to better enable employees and others to seek advice and without fear of retaliation raise concerns or report instances of improper activities or misconduct, potential non-compliance with our Code of Conduct, other corporate policies, laws and regulations. Such improper activities or misconduct may include HSE violations, harassment, insider trading, money laundering, fraud, bribery and kick-back arrangements, or other breaches of Aker BioMarine’s Code of Conduct.


Raising a concern

Aker BioMarine employees are encouraged to first discuss any compliance matters internally with their immediate supervisor, a member of the executive management or the company’s Chief Compliance Officer (CCO Lars Jacobsen; integrity@akerbiomarine.com / +47 906 05 306). If such measures are not deemed to be sufficient, advice may be sought or incidents may be reported through the whistleblowing service provider (see contact information below).

Reports through the whistleblowing service provider will initially be received and handled by an independent third party; PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC). PwC is dedicated to maintaining high ethical standards and will handle all submissions with confidentiality.


There are three possible ways to report a concern


When raising a concern to the whistleblowing service provider, you may remain anonymous. However, it will be easier to follow up your concern if you reveal your identity. You may also remain anonymous towards Aker BioMarine while revealing your identity to PwC only. If you seek advice through the whistleblowing service provider, they need to be able to contact you back.

After processing a reported concern, PwC will make an initial report to Aker BioMarine’s CCO for further assessment of the matter according to a formal procedure. Even if you reported the concern under your name and may be contacted back, you may not be kept closely informed about the development of the case. Legitimate interests of confidentiality and privacy must be maintained throughout the process.

Unless you have elected to remain anonymous to all parties, you shall however receive a response within a reasonable period of time, and no later than upon closing of the case. This response will, to the extent possible, contain information about how the case has been treated and the outcome.

All incidents logged are formally closed by the Board of Directors in meeting.