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TriTalk with Hans Christian Tungesvik

By Aker BioMarine, July 03, 2018


Aker BioMarine Named Europe’s Most Innovative Company

By Aker BioMarine, May 30, 2018


Our story told in 90 seconds

By Aker BioMarine, May 11, 2018
The story of Aker BioMarine, told by CEO Matts Johansen. See the full video below:


"Act. Not just observe the conversation." Meet Miranda, our new Marketing Manager  

By Aker BioMarine, March 01, 2018


How new technology can help diversify your product portfolio

By Aker BioMarine, February 02, 2018

Omega-3 companies are being challenged on how they can help reignite interest and engagement with existing consumers while simultaneously attracting new ones.

Aker BioMarine’s vessel “Juvel” to set sail on research expedition to monitor krill biomass

By Aker BioMarine, January 23, 2018


Since 2011, the Institute of Marine Research has annually conducted Antarctic krill and ecosystem monitoring surveys at South Orkney Islands. 

How to Align Profitability and Sustainability

By Aker BioMarine, January 22, 2018

With sustainability hardwired into its DNA, Aker BioMarine intends to drive the krill business forward in a responsible manner. As the global leader in krill harvesting and krill oil manufacture, the company focuses on the four following areas in order to drive growth and sustainability.

Success in marketing and business starts with teamwork

By Aker BioMarine, December 27, 2017

Last week Trond Atle Smedsrud, EVP Innovation and Marketing at Aker BioMarine were interviewed by the Entrepreneur Podcast Network about marketing management. These are his top five tips for leading a team and finding success in marketing and business:

Three Percent of Norway’s Young Leadership Top 100 Talent Works at This Company

By Aker BioMarine, November 10, 2017


Three employees from Aker BioMarine have been nominated to the top 100 list for the Young Leadership Talents awards in Norway. 

The Aker BioMarine products

For People

Superba Krill oil
A pure, natural source of health promoting Omega-3s. Superba Krill oil is boosting heart, brain, and joint health as well as contributing to a balanced diet. More easily absorbed, because of the unique phospholipid advantage.

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For Aqua - Culture

Increase aquaculture efficiency with nutrient-rich feed ingredients made from Antarctic krill. Faster growth and enhanced health and quality of farmed marine species. Our customers boosted their salmon production by an additional 175 million servings in 2016.

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For Pets

A functional ingredient for pet food. Offers great benefits for pets, including healthy organs, joints and fur. Provide natural source of Omega-3 fatty acids, marine proteins and the powerful antioxidant astaxanthin.

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