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Aker BioMarine present at World Economic Forum in China

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27.-29. of June Aker BioMarine and CEO Matts Johansen will be present at World Economic Forum 2023 in Tianjin, China. Learn more about our presence in China and Asia in this article.


Aker BioMarine’s mission is to improve human health, while ensuring our planet also stays healthy. This is what drives us. I have always said: “We either do it sustainably, or we don’t do it at all” – CEO Matts Johansen, and I really believe this approach is what makes us a part of the solution to global challenges.  

Sustainability is in our DNA. We have made our business ocean-friendly, by ensuring that our operations have a low impact on the delicate Antarctic ecosystems in which we harvest krill. We firmly believe in a world where we all have access to nutritious supplements and good health without compromising our planet.  



We want to bring the best form of omega 3 to all consumers around the world.  To do that, we need to ensure the krill industry and its ecosystem remain healthy and sustainable.  I believe there are opportunities for cooperation amongst the players in the krill industry. Aker BioMarine has extensive experience in the entire supply chain from harvesting, to processing, to oil extraction. This experience we believe can benefit the entire krill industry.  

Based on public announcements, it is our understanding that several new krill harvesting vessels and krill industrial parks, including oil extraction facilities, are being built in China. We are seeking to cooperate with our Chinese counterparts to jointly develop the krill oil market in a sustainable way, from harvest to product, ensuring a win-win situation for suppliers, consumers, and society. 

Antarctic_Endurance_Night_cred Dmitry Egorikhin


Businesses that are addressing the global challenges today will be more profitable and have greater growth potential in the future. That is why Aker BioMarine’s goal is to drive healthy and sustainable development of the krill industry in China and globally so that we have the resources to continue to invest in krill development. We want to provide best krill oil possible for the benefits of Chinese consumers and consumers around the world. 
We firmly believe that krill is part of the solution to several global challenges. And as our history starts with krill – it is also our future.  

For more information about World Economic Forum please go to: https://www.weforum.org/events/annual-meeting-of-the-new-champions-2023