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Meet our people: Marte Dalsegg

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Tell us about your background05. Marte Dalsegg

I graduated from Southampton Solent University with a BA degree in Multimedia Journalism in 2015. Part of the program was to work for a short period in a company to gain work experience. With an extensive communications department and experienced professionals, Telenor Norway was at the top of my list, so I reached out, and they welcomed me for a week. This was obviously a very short amount of time. Still, it was one of my best experiences during my studies, and I wanted to utilize the opportunity to gain more experience in a great work environment. I asked if they had any openings for a summer internship or even if I could work for free to complete some of the projects we had started while I was there. In July, I entered a summer internship in the Communications department, and my engagement was prolonged for about two years in different sub-departments, from External Communication to the Sustainability Department.

I loved every moment in Telenor but also wanted a permanent position to establish. One day, I saw this really exciting job opportunity on LinkedIn as a content manager in a company right across the street, in the Aker industry empire. Coming from the sustainability department in Telenor, I was drawn to Aker BioMarine’s global mission, their ability to tell a compelling story, and, of course, the people working there. I applied, and it was a match, and that is how my journey started in Aker BioMarine almost six years ago.


Tell us about your job and your career journey in AKBM

When I started at Aker BioMarine, my position was shared between Communications and Marketing. We were only two people in the Comms Department at that time, meaning I was able to work broadly, and I got to know many people and areas of business. I am curious by nature, so this suited me perfectly. I have grown and learned much from working with talented people across teams and time zones. I believe having a mindset where no task is too big or too small combined with a strategic mindset takes you a long way. In addition, you need leaders who provide trust, freedom, and responsibility. From my experience, this is the management mindset at all levels in Aker BioMarine.

Since I started in the company in 2018, the Communications Department has grown, and we are now five people covering PR, Social Media, and Content Creation across markets. I have been so lucky to lead this super-talented, fun, and creative team since September 2020.


Why do you like working here and why do you stay?

The people, culture, and mindset; from our crew to the supply chain department, finance, sales, and marketing, we are one team working towards the same goal, which gives a feeling of empowerment and inclusion. When you look back, it is impressive to me to see how far we have come since the establishment in 2006. A small Norwegian company, harvesting a new marine resource where only a few have succeeded. Today, we are in markets worldwide, with scientifically documented products in some of the leading global retailers, contributing to better health and food production. I am very proud to be part of the journey and am looking forward to what we will achieve in the next 15 years.