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Trust, transparency,
empowerment and freedom

Bringing together experienced personnel and young staffers, fishermen and millennials, generates innovative and sustainable solutions.  


We have revised our employee handbook — gone are words such as “shall” and “must” along with references to mandatory 9 to 5 workplace attendance. We believe great ideas are generated when we give our employees the freedom to make decisions closest to the operations. That's why our corporate culture is based on trust, transparency, empowerment and freedom.


Make the difference 

We go out of our way to think differently about how to attract talented employees — and then challenge them to make a real difference. Together, we have built an international, high-performing, and fun work environment. 


What our colleagues say about us:



«We are a truly relentless company that never stops at the peak of the mountain, but rather we look to the clouds to see if there are steps there to climb as well. True gumption!»

Oriana Ampomah, Operations Director





High fives on the high sea

Working hard to pin down and describe the values, actions and attitudes that have come to define our company, we believe the Aker BioMarine Heartbeats accurately reflect our distinctive culture.

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Meet our people: The fisherman

Working twelve-hour deck shifts in the coldest, most challenging fishing conditions on earth, saying he is tough would frankly be an understatement. Meet Evgeny Vasilyev. 

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