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We believe people want to do their best, and it is our managers’ responsibility to identify the motivation triggers for each and every employee.

Establishing a culture of open and honest feedback is key to allowing new thinking to surface. 

When we look for inspiration from the most successful and fastest growing companies in today’s business world, we zero-in on Silicon Valley. Aker BioMarine learns from such leaders about building a purpose-driven, dynamic organization that fosters growth.

Digital mover

To stay close to the 'Silicon Valley-spirit' and the latest technological developments, Aker BioMarine has invested in StartupLab, a hub for technology startups in Norway. Using new digital tools will enhance efficiency and engagement among company employees in order to accelerate realization of new ideas and concepts.

Fostering personal growth

New technology provides a handy way to foster employee growth and development. Aker BioMarine uses BambooHR, a cloud-based administrative HR and performance tool that supports each employee’s development process. When selecting a new HR tool, Aker BioMarine looks for user friendliness and ability to drive motivation.

Aker BioMarine has also launched a leadership and employee engagement program that reinforces trust, transparency, empowerment, and engagement across the entire organization.

Freedom to operate

A dynamic organization is a must for success in a fast moving environment.

To avoid unnecessary bureaucracy, Aker BioMarine is modifying its organizational structure and leadership philosophy to empower employees to bring decision-making as close as possible to operational issues and opportunities at hand.

The flexible way

Aker BioMarine takes pride in the way it trusts employees to deliver results when given flexibility. Scientists may require time for silent thought when writing a paper, and that may be best accommodated at home or at a library, while marketing people may be inspired by visits to other companies or sitting at a busy downtown coffee shop.

Great ideas are often generated in discussion with others. We encourage our employees to spend a lot of face-time with each other. And to compensate for the physical distance between our crew in the Antarctic oceans and our global sales offices we were one of the first companies who started using the social media platform @workplace, "the Facebook for businesses."

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