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Why living a seemingly healthy life might not be enough

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Statistics show that people are becoming unhealthier because of the their lifestyle. We believe that education is key when it comes to preventing these type of lifestyle diseases and are therefore launching a global health campaign to spread awareness – and hopefully get people to reflect on their health and diet.


“The truth is not always what it seems.”


With this message, we at Aker BioMarine are launching a global health campaign to draw attention to chronic lack of omega-3s in people’s diet.

Statistics show that we are becoming unhealthier because of the lifestyles we choose to live. A recent study published in Nutrients, compared data from the United States and Germany and concluded that despite adequate knowledge of the health benefits and food sources of Omega-3, 98 percent of the participants fell below the optimal range.

As our Chief Scientist Dr. Nils Hoem explains, having insufficient omega-3 levels puts us at higher risk for chronic disease, such as heart disease, suboptimal brain function, increased likelihood for major depression, and other health issues.

A recent report from the World Economic Forum and the Harvard School of Public Health paints a gloomy picture that during the next 15 years healthcare costs related to treating lifestyle diseases that can be avoided by consuming more omega-3s will accumulate to more than 22 trillion dollars globally.

Which is why education is key when it comes to preventing these type of lifestyle diseases. Finding the right balance is key to putting us on the right track of becoming healthier.


Awareness is key

As part of the campaign we are launching a global health awareness film starring a young woman, Maria, living an active life in the big city. Her daily routines include hardcore exercise and a balanced diet. Seemingly, Maria’s lifestyle ticks all the right boxes and gets her five stars on the health chart.


She gets a rude awakening as she goes back to her roots and visits her family in Greenland, just to discover the imbalanced life she has been living the last years. Maria’s daily habits are simply not enough to maintain a truly healthy and balanced life.  


Finding the right fats

The hypothesis of a possible relationship between omega-3 consumption and reduced risk of heart disease appeared in the late 70’s when two Danish scientists sought to understand how the Greenland Inuits could eat a high fat diet and still have low levels of cholesterol and triglycerides.

To set the scene, we travelled back to a remote area in Greenland. We followed a family living in Kapisillit, a fishing village, to experience first-hand how they live as one with nature, unaffected by the modern Western diet and lifestyle.

As Per Olav Sørensen, the Norwegian award-winning director of the film puts it, with this raw scenic film, we want to touch a nerve and make you reflect on your life, and find the motivation to improve life balance.


Sharing is caring

Are you doing enough to life a fully balanced life? Take some time to reflect on your own life balance and pay it forward by sharing the film with the ones you care about.


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