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The story of Aker BioMarine, told by CEO Matts Johansen. See the full video below:

Since our company was founded in 2006, we have introduced a health-promoting and sustainable marine ingredient, krill. We work every day to further develop and document the effects of krill oil in both fish and animal feed, as well as the consumer market. We have combined Norwegian knowledge from the fishing industry and added competence in biotech, catch technology, global market, and marketing.

Through extensive innovation and research projects in cooperation with major educational institutions, Aker BioMarine contributes to the development of skills and value creation in the industry. Eco-Harvesting technology and research on krill in fish feed are examples of this. Research and innovation are the cornerstones of the company, from the development of the company's harvesting and production technology to product development, commercialization, and marketing.

In the United States, Aker BioMarine has, among other projects, launched a research study with the US military where they are researching how krill oil can help make US soldiers more robust. In Norway, Aker BioMarine, the Pure Science Triathlon team, and Norseman are conducting a study investigating the effects of krill oil omega-3s to the performance and recovery of triathlon practitioners under challenging conditions. 

In 2017, Aker BioMarine was named Norway's most innovative company by Innovasjonsmagasinet. In recent years, Aker BioMarine has made significant investments in research and development of new products.

Our vision is to improve human and planetary health.

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