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Krill research – like riding a tiger

Blog overview

Scientific research is the core of Aker BioMarine’s business – it touches our entire value chain, from catch to product.


When it comes to the science of omega-3 phospholipids and the numerous potential benefits for humans and animals alike, we lead the way. In fact, our science- and innovation department is essential to the continued success of the krill oil industry as a whole. Despite the associated challenges, risks and potential disappointments, we wouldn’t have it any other way.

People in product development may not approve of this, but research is characterized by not knowing if you will succeed. Research is always a venture into the unknown.




Of course, the collaboration of scientists and product development is essential to refine Aker BioMarine’s existing product lines. One such example is our work on optimizing the effect of krill meal on farmed salmon and shrimp. In collaboration with customers, our research team is looking at how to strengthen the aquaculture segment of our business. We document the effects of krill in realistic feed blends in real world situations and the results this far are very promising.


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Journey into the unknown

This is one concrete example, but it’s the numerous research projects and those journeys into the unknown which excite me the most. With multiple research projects running simultaneously at different stages of completion, doing research in our field is like riding a tiger.

Just the sheer range of research projects our team at Aker BioMarine is currently involved in, either directly or through association with the wider scientific community around the world, is both stimulating and motivating.

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Understanding the details

We are doing a fair amount of what I would call basic research, which is to strive towards understanding the uptake and distribution of our krill-based products. Exploring the effects that omega-3 phospholipids can have on human body, along with researching the importance of DHA to cognitive function, we are continuously contributing to the body of knowledge on the fundamentals of krill oil.

We must also understand and document the distinctions between regular omega-3 fish oil and krill oil in order to define our uniqueness. In doing this, we need to adhere to strict scientific standards. Our strategy is not to be at war with our competitors, but rather to carve out our own unique space in the market. We need to be acknowledged as a company doing credible and trustworthy research, while at the same time making sure that our approach to krill harvesting is transparent and sustainable.

Our science- and innovation department is therefore focused on helping the omega-3 industry raise awareness of phospholipids. This is impossible to achieve without actively engaging with customers, consumers and the scientific community. Together, we push krill research forward.

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