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How to attract, foster and build talent?

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People are the heart of Aker BioMarine, which is why attracting, fostering, and building talent are key to our success. Bringing together experienced personnel and young staffers, fishermen and millennials, generates innovative and sustainable solutions.

Three of our executives were recognized as Top 10 professionals in the 2016 Young Leadership Talents awards in Norway. We were the only company to have three candidates receive the prestigious Norwegian nominations.

Trond Atle Smedsrud (34), Executive Vice President of Innovation and Marketing, made the overall top ten list of talented young leaders and was second in the marketing leader category. Erik Digman (35), the former Director Product Innovation, held third place in the innovation category, and Cilia Holmes Indahl (28), Director of Sustainability, ranked among the top-ten list of company developers.


Challenge employees to make a difference

One of our strategic pillars is dedicated to employee development and conscious commitment to talent. We go out of our way to think differently about how to attract talent and then challenge them to make a real difference.

As a global company employing 25 nationalities, we are proud of our diversity and use our global network to recruit the best talent.

Young professionals in particular want to help solve global problems, such as scarce resources, food security, and health and climate challenges. Because we put sustainable, transparent resource practices high on the agenda, and safeguard the marine ecosystem in which we operate, we appeal to like-minded talent.



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Mix the millennials and long-time staffers

We consider sharing know-how and hands-on training as key to our success. We see that the most innovative ideas emerge from teams that are inter-departmental, multinational, and draw on employees in all age groups.

Bringing together teams of experienced fishermen, scientists, millennials, and former management consultants from companies such as McKinsey and PwC, creates the combination of business-case development, product innovation, marketing skills, and project management that are vital to our company growth.


“We go out of our way to think differently about how to attract talent and then challenge them to make a real difference.” 
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