The European Patent Office Confirms Validity of Key Aker BioMarine Patent

By Aker BioMarine, October 10, 2017


The European Patent Office rejected an opposition against Aker BioMarine’s European patent 2144618, covering all krill oils containing 40 to 60 percent phospholipids extracted from krill meal or any other denatured krill product.


The European patent was granted in 2013, and opposed by a third party the year after. After thorough review and two oral hearings, the European Patent Office confirmed the validity of all its 27 claims.  


“This is the first time a broad krill patent has completely withstood such scrutiny by an independent patent authority. The decision by the European Patent Office suggests that the entire international patent family will withstand similar validity oppositions elsewhere,” says Matts Johansen, CEO at Aker BioMarine.


“Aker BioMarine has invested over USD 400 million in science and innovation, which is essential to drive excitement and growth in the krill oil market. The conclusion by the European Patent Office is of significant value in order to continue to make such investments in innovation and R&D,” Johansen explains.


Since Aker BioMarine has been granted similar patents in the US, the European Patent Office’s decision adds strength to the company’s US patent portfolio.


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