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AWR Launching 8th Call for Proposals

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“In an era of climate change and threats to biodiversity, it is more critical than ever that we obtain the information needed to secure the long-term health of marine ecosystems. The projects funded by AWR will increase our ability to protect the krill-based ecosystem in the Southern Ocean,” says Claire Christian, the Chair of AWR’s board. 

The three research projects receiving funding from AWR in 2021 are the following:

  1. Penguin-krill functional relationships in a region of high fishing pressure: building towards appropriate monitoring indices for adaptive management of the Antarctic krill fishery
    Chris Oosthuizen
    University of Cape Town, South Africa
    Funding: $72 000
  2. Krill fishery and non-breeding penguins in the main fishing hotspot of Subarea 48.1: coupling animal tracking and ocean models to identify real-time and lagged interactions
    Lucas Krüger
    Instituto Antártico Chileno INACH, Chile
    Funding: $66 000

  3. Detection and mitigation of Ice krill bycatch in the Antarctic krill fishery
    Andrew Brierley
    University of St. Andrews, UK
    Funding: $52 000

“This is another year where AWR managed to support important research projects that will be key for the understanding of the Antarctic marine ecosystem and to contribute to the precautionary management of the Antarctic krill fishery,” says Dr. Rodolfo Werner, AWR Scientific Advisor, and Board member.

“The CCAMLR krill fishery management is making big strides forward and getting increasingly reliant on up-to-date scientific information. Promoting and facilitating research on the Antarctic ecosystem is essential in order to take care of the marine ecosystem in which we operate, and we are proud that AWR can be part of the solution to fill knowledge gaps,” says Matts Johansen, CEO at Aker BioMarine.

The next call for proposals is open

The 8th Call for Proposals is now open for applications. For 2022 AWR is looking for research projects that prioritize the following:

1.        Krill biology and ecology to inform krill fishery management

2.        Krill-Predator-Fishery Interaction

3.        Supporting risk assessment framework for krill fishery management

4.        Cutting edge science to monitor krill for fishery management

These scientific priorities are identical to the last two years and in line with CCAMLR research priorities. This year again AWR call emphasizes the need to balance regional diversity, gender and early career scientist in the interest of representing the full diversity of institutions and scientists engaged in Antarctic research.

Closing date for AWR’s 8th Call for proposals is April 8, 2022

New member of AWR Science Advisory Group (SAG)

AWR would like to thank Dr. Phil Trathan for his service as a longstanding member, as well as first Chair, of the AWR Science Advisory Group (SAG). We wish Phil all the best in his future endeavors.

We are very pleased to announce that Dr Hyong Sul La (Korea) will replace Dr. Trahan in SAG. Dr. La has a background in fisheries acoustics and will be a very welcome addition to the Antarctic marine science disciplines represented in SAG.

Read more about AWR here www.antarcticfund.org