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How new technology can help diversify your product portfolio

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Omega-3 companies are being challenged on how they can help reignite interest and engagement with existing consumers while simultaneously attracting new ones.

Innovation is at the crossroads of this new and exciting time within the omega-3 market. Fortunately, we are well positioned with Flexitech, a new processing technology that is patented and exclusive to Aker BioMarine. Thanks to Flexitech we have already launched two new products bearing significant improvements over the original Superba krill oil.


How Does Flexitech Work?

Flexitech is a patented technology platform to create better krill oil products that are more appealing to brand owners, encapsulators, formulators and consumers. 

Specifically, Flexitech gives us the capability to up-concentrate krill oil’s various beneficial components, such as phospholipids and omega-3s, while simultaneously allowing us to remove the salts in krill oil, which can lead to off odors and taste.

Flexitech does not involve any form of high temperature treatment such as molecular distillation (a technique very popular among fish oil purveyors) and it does not involve the use of other solvents besides ethanol and water. It relies solely on low temperature and efficient fractionation methods, which physically remove unwanted salts and other polar constituents.

Flexitech has helped us diversify our product portfolio, so far resulting in the launch of Superba 2 and Superba Boost. Superba 2 features enhanced encapsulation properties such as improved viscosity, smell, taste and visual appearance, while Superba Boost, our first krill oil concentrate, consists of higher amounts of phospholipids, choline and the omega-3s EPA and DHA. In fact, two capsules of Superba Boost krill oil will cover most of the daily recommended intake of the essential omega-3 fatty acids EPA and DHA.

In the EU market, two capsules of Superba Boost qualify for four health claims regarding normal heart function, normal liver function maintenance, lipid metabolism, and homocysteine metabolism.


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Pushing the envelope

Flexitech has helped us capture the attention of customers who are not only interested in the features of this technology, but also the potential of promoting it in their marketing and communications efforts as a point of differentiation for their omega-3 brands.

There is no question that new technological advancements and unique products will continue to drive the omega-3 market forward, but with that comes the requirement for accountable, sustainable, transparent and responsible business practices.

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Like the original Superba brand of krill oil, all of our new products are certified 100% sustainable and traceable, and produced through a vertically integrated supply chain that is 100% owned and controlled by Aker BioMarine. This control gives us full accountability for our products -- from catch to product.


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