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Not All Heroes Wear Capes

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According to the team at NutraIngredients-USA, not all heroes wear capes. Some of them help drive new standards and policies while filling the knowledge gaps in regards to nutrition, others help drive innovation into new and exciting directions. 


Our CEO, Matts Johansen, does all of this and then some. As a finalist in the 2019 NutraIngredients USA NutraChampion Awards category, Matts is being honored for his work in the krill oil industry and his leadership role at Aker BioMarine. 

As a skateboarder outside of the board room, Matts believes that before you drop from the top of the ramp, you have to be 100% focused on the trick ahead. There are wins and there are failures in business, but the value of passion and believing that you have the skill to pull it off, makes you stand out. This unique perspective on and off the board is a testament to Matts’ success throughout the years.

Our mission is improving human and planetary health and that is no easy task. Matts is leading us to take on the many global challenges necessary to succeed in this industry.


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Taking on global challenges


Aker BioMarine has been investing in the future of the krill industry since day one.
Sustainability and traceability have been part of our DNA since inception. Innovation, science and education are also some of the driving forces behind our success. Under Matts’ leadership, the team continues to take on some of the world’s toughest challenges.

The company is venturing into new areas like never before hoping to uncover all the potential that krill has to offer. Furthermore, the teams at Aker BioMarine are finding new ways to not only be more productive, but instrumental in helping to lessen our carbon footprint, adding another layer to the overall sustainability goals.


Extraordinary colleagues, an invaluable asset


Matts often says that Aker BioMarine’s people are its most precious asset. Our distinctive culture is unprecedented and celebrated through the “Heartbeats,” otherwise known as the attitude of the company. “We cheer each other on” is just one example of how the team pushes forward while making sure we have each other’s support. 


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