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"Act. Not just observe the conversation." Meet Miranda, our new Marketing Manager  

Blog overview

Joining us as Marketing Manager for the US, self-confessed ‘Jersey Girl’ and hot yoga nut, Miranda Wyatt brings tireless creativity and unrivalled digital marketing expertise to the role. 


Catching up with her just a few weeks into a job she’s already making her own, Miranda gives us the lowdown on how to build a successful marketing campaign, the importance of sustainability and just how krill speaks to her inner nerd. If that wasn’t enough, she also shares her must do travel tips for visitors to the Jersey shore. Welcome to the team Miranda.    


ABM: First things first, moving from US human resources provider ADP to Krill is quite a change of course, what are your first impressions of the industry?


Miranda: Like other industries, there are protocols, regulations and general guardrails. However, what is new and exciting for me is the science of the krill industry. The nerd in me is excited to learn about the molecular makeup of krill and how it allows for better absorption! But it doesn’t end there. The research that Aker BioMarine has and is conducting is fascinating. I’ll save the details for the press releases, but what is coming is pioneering. I’m excited to be a part of it!


With in-depth experience of crafting incredibly effective multi-channel B2B and B2C digital marketing campaigns, what do you think are the keys to any successful campaign?  


What works for one business, may not necessarily work for another. However, two general keys to success are:


Adaptability – The digital world never remains the same for a long period of time. Because of this, a company must be flexible and fluid with their digital campaigns. A strategy that worked last year, may no longer apply this year. Many times, you’ll have to adjust your digital campaign or try something completely new (yes, this means scrapping an entire strategy). It’s all part of the game. So, expect change, plan for change and be open to change. 


Selective Variety – I’ve found that the most successful digital campaigns utilize a variety of digital channels to engage with consumers and promote their message(s). Having a mix of social media, paid ads, websites, blogs, and SEO is crucial to a successful digital campaign. Now, this is easier said than done, because although variety is required, choosing the right mix of channels is crucial. So, don’t just create a Pinterest business account because you were told to. Do your research on which channels are right for your goals, and then try them out.


New call-to-action


If you had to pick just one, which marketing campaign from the last 12 months has really resonated with you? 


To explain, let me give you some backstory. I’ve always been obsessed with commercials. In fact, it’s the main reason why I watch the annual Superbowl. I find myself naturally analysing every commercial from the music it plays to the actors it uses, the tone and voice of the message to the closing call-to-action. And, I’m also the person that enthusiastically points everything out to my friends and family who, in return, respond with blank stares. I even have a memory bank of actors and actresses frequently used in commercials. It’s my way of tracking their success from commercial to movie/tv shows.


So… the marketing from Zillow, the online real estate firm, really stands out the most for me, they have had a fabulous year or so with commercials. A recent campaign of theirs was centred around the emotions of finding/living in a new home. My favourite example of this campaign is their commercial “Asher’s Zillow Commercial”. Zillow was able to place their digital product in life’s natural moments, while still showing the value of their tool. It’s remarkable!




Moving on, sustainability has always been a huge driver for us in how we do business, do you think the wider business world is finally catching on?


Demand from younger generations is forcing many businesses to question their sustainability in ways they may not have before. However, I believe more businesses need to catch the wave of sustainability by acting, not just observing the conversation.




Hailing from New Jersey, the setting for the Sopranos and spiritual home of 80s stadium rock. What would be your top three tourist tips for visitors to NJ?


Many would label me as a ‘Jersey Girl’ since I was born in a small town down by the Jersey shore.

So, with that said, my tips would be:


  • To get the full Jersey Shore experience, plan your trip between late June and August. Just be sure to pack a few bathing suits and plenty of sunblock!
  • Don’t skip out on visiting Atlantic City just because you don’t gamble. It’s also a great place for nightlife, concerts, beaches and sightseeing along the historic boardwalk.
  • Plan a day-trip to NYC while you’re here. You can take the train, light rail or ferry depending on where you start your journey. Just make sure you wear comfortable shoes and charge your camera!


If you had to pick three famous people to be stuck on say, a krill harvesting vessel, for an evening who would they be?


  • Author, Margaret Atwood
  • Former US President, Barack Obama
  • Author, Tim Ferriss


Finally, as a connected, experienced digital marketing manager, when you do finally close the laptop and put your phone down, what do you do to relax and unwind?


  • Hot Yoga, it keeps me sane
  • Watch a TV show, my favourites are Grey’s Anatomy, Good Doctor and Married at First Sight
  • Spend time with my fiancé and dog


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