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From innovative harvesting to advanced biotech, see what makes our company so unique.


Who We Are

We are a biotech innovator and Antarctic krill-harvesting company, dedicated to improving human and planetary health. To us, it makes no sense to take something out of the ocean to improve our health, if it simultaneously compromises the health of the ocean. Ensuring the well-being of the krill biomass and contributing towards a thriving Antarctic ecosystem are among our core priorities.

Power and efficiency for high performance

Across Species

Krill - Do not be fooled by its size. It is no bigger than your pinky, but it is packed with power. The need to perform is essential for farmed fish, sled dogs and athletes and herein lies the key to the power of krill. Among many other health benefits, it contains omega-3 phospholipids, and their ability to be used efficiently in cells affects all species. Phospholipids are also easily taken up by the cells and immediately come to use without losing energy for other purposes. Power and efficiency for high performance - across species..

Is krill harvesting sustainable?

Part of the Solution

Ambitious goals are essential to overcoming the global challenges that will impact — and drive — the future of our business: loss of biodiversity, resource scarcity, lifestyle disease threats, and climate change. 

We intend to be part of the solution to these challenges. Our Eco-Harvesting technology that minimizes bycatch and marine conservation practices are making vital improvements. As a producer and supplier of marine ingredients, our daily responsibility is to improve people’s health without compromising the health of our planet and its oceans. 

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