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Superba Krill is the first and only krill oil ingredient to receive IKOS™ certification

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Oslo, Norway, March 2, 2023: Superba 2™ and Superba Boost™, Aker BioMarine’s popular B2B branded krill oils for use in the dietary supplement market, are the first and only raw material ingredients to receive IKOS certification. The IKOS™ (International Krill Oil Standards) Program is the only third-party testing and certification program exclusively for krill oils. With this new IKOS™ certification, Aker BioMarine can add another layer of transparency to the company’s supply chain by showcasing the ingredient for its pure, high quality and premium standards. 

“We know that consumer demand for transparent products is on the rise so it’s important for us to provide our customers with quality labels, such as IKOS, that help us differentiate our ingredient apart from the rest,” said Todd Norton, Principal of Industry & Strategic Alliances for HH&N, Aker BioMarine. “Since inception, Aker BioMarine has always prioritized sustainability, traceability and transparency. Equally important is the quality of a product and with this IKOS™ certification, we can ensure that our product is fresh and free of contaminants. Some of our biggest krill oil customers already have IKOS brand certification and now with our supplier certification, we are helping to set the highest standards in the industry.”

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As a voluntary, subscription-based service available to the entire krill oil supply chain, IKOS™ tests products by lot, using direct analysis, for omega-3 and astaxanthin content, contaminants, and freshness. The purpose of IKOS™ is to allow companies to showcase their high quality, premium products, and to provide consumers with an easy, transparent way to compare krill oil products before they buy.

“Nutrasource is extremely proud to be working together with Aker to become the first IKOS certified raw material ingredient provider. We believe that this is a key step in ensuring that brands with products in this category have access to a transparent, high quality ingredient supplier,” said Kevin Yan, VP of Certifications and Analytics. “Brands choosing to utilize Aker’s Superba Krill oils can be sure that their raw materials will meet IKOS program requirements in addition to gaining access to a streamlined testing and certification framework at a reduced cost. Through Aker and the IKOS program, consumers will have the ability to access product information and confirm that products bearing the mark have achieved a high level of quality, a key consideration in purchasing in today’s marketplace.”

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