New Sustainability Director at Aker BioMarine

By Aker BioMarine, February 12, 2019

Runa Haug Khoury named as Aker BioMarine’s new Sustainability Director.

Khoury joins us from the environmental foundation Bellona, where she led the trade department and was part of the foundation's management team.

A former consultant for DNV GL, Runa is a graduate of both the Norwegian School of Economics and the London School of Economics, specializing in environmental economics and politics.

“I believe in driving businesses environmental change from the inside. Aker BioMarine has been a pioneer in this area, daring to step forward and take a clear stand, driving this unique industry on a sustainable course”, says Khoury.

Aker BioMarine has been harvesting Antarctic krill in the Southern Ocean since 2006. The company owns the entire value chain and supplies krill meal and krill oil to the aquaculture industry, the animal feed market and the health and nutrition industry.

“I am especially looking forward to focusing on the health element of sustainability. In order to meet the needs of an ever-increasing population, we also need to reduce the health costs associated with lifestyle diseases and there is no doubt that we must re-think just how we utilise our oceans. We need to focus on new marine resources”, says Khoury.

Sustainability as competitive advantage

Sustainability has been a foundation of the company’s business model since its conception. The vision of the company is to help improve human and planetary health, without compromising the healt of the planet.

“Our business is built around natural resources, so long-term and sustainable development is vital for both our and the ecosystem’s existence. We have achieved a lot, but we must continue to focus, and develop further. To achieve this, it is important we have committed, passionate people that can drive our sustainability initiatives forward," says Kristine Hartmann, Executive Vice President, Aker BioMarine. 

"Runa has an exciting background and broad experience in sustainability, both from the business sector and the non-profit sector, nationally and internationally, making her the stand-out candidate for us”.


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