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Annual Report Highlights: Spearheading Circular Waste Management

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In the pursuit of marine ecosystem protection, waste management stands as a fundamental pillar of Aker BioMarine's mission. Acknowledging our reliance on ocean resources, we understand that it is important for everyone worldwide to deal with increasing pollution levels, particularly plastics, threatening marine ecosystems. Thus, Aker BioMarine has instituted clear principles and guidelines to responsibly manage all generated waste, with a firm commitment to achieving 100% circularity on principal waste streams. 

Our guidelines/principles:
    •    100% circularity on principal waste streams
    •    Follow strict rules for waste handling on ships
through our Garbage Management Plan 

    •    Adhere to port and state regulations for waste

    •    Take part in initiatives to improve waste management from ships to ports, such as UN Global Compact GoLitter

Our transition from a linear to a circular economy stems from our belief that discarded food and product waste should find renewed purpose rather than ending up in landfills or incinerators. In 2023, our endeavours focused on tangible actions and measurable results: 
Our Focus and Results in 2023: 

New Plant: 
The inauguration of a pioneering pilot protein plant in Ski, Norway, marked a milestone in 2023. Utilizing residual raw material from krill, the plant produces protein powder for human consumption, showcasing our commitment to waste minimization and resource utilization.

Traceable and Circular Waste Management: 
Establishing AION in 2020 marked a significant stride towards circular solutions. AION's innovative approach recycles our plastic streams into new products, aligning with our zero-waste vision. Throughout 2023, Aker BioMarine intensified efforts to enhance product waste circularity, collaborating with AION to repurpose traditional products and recycle plastic waste, ensuring traceable and circular value chains. 

New Deal with AION: 
A landmark agreement with AION in 2023 paved the way for a novel value chain for plastic waste. Over 3,000 new pallets will be crafted from large leftover product bags, creating a fully circular system and reducing our plastic footprint.  

Waste Governance: 
In response to our commitment, additional resources were allocated to trawl sorting, streamlining the recycling process. The introduction of a new standard operational procedure (SOP) in 2023 is poised to optimize recycling efforts for principal waste streams. 

High Level of Circularity: 
Notably, all used big bags from Houston and disposed trawls were directed to AION in 2023, contributing to a significant reduction in carbon emissions compared to previous years. 

Evaluation and Next Moves: 
As we reflect on 2023, our strides towards circularity emphasize our unwavering commitment. Moving forward, we remain dedicated to fostering partnerships with suppliers offering recycled materials for packaging, alongside initiatives to reduce water consumption across operations.