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Aker BioMarine’s sustainability efforts featured in Medium

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In an article by Monica Sanders from Authority Magazine, featured in Medium.com, she discusses with Pål Skogrand, VP Policy and Impact at Aker BioMarine, how the company are helping to promote sustainability and climate justice.


The article focuses on various aspects of krill fisheries, and as an overall subject – how Aker BioMarine is operating in the most sustainable way of work. The journalist also asks Skogrand what Aker BioMarine is trying to change, which he explains:

“We are trying to disrupt, to excel and create. We are in the business of krill, where we have built up a whole value chain from harvesting in Antarctica to processing to consumer and business facing activities to create a demand. Krill is a unique resource full of health promoting nutrients and is probably the world’s biggest single species biomass. We need to make use of the sustainable resources we have on this planet, and it is absolutely necessary that we try and excel in doing the difficult: to change the way people eat and how we as a world population use our resources. This is why our mission is “Improving Human and Planetary Health!”