Meets objectives with ITC proceedings

By Katrin Berntsen, April 19, 2017
 U.S. lawsuit against Olympic Holding, Rimfrost, Emerald Fisheries and their partners Avoca and Bioriginal discontinued.

In the suit, filed in the District Court of Delaware, Aker BioMarine claimed that the parties used Aker BioMarine’s patented processes and offered its patented krill oil products for sale. Aker BioMarine also filed a complaint with the International Trade Commission (ITC) to stop these infringing activities.

Since the ITC investigation started, Olympic Holding and Emerald Fisheries have gone bankrupt and the “Juvel” krill harvesting vessel has been seized by creditors. Last week, Avoca and Aker BioMarine settled their patent dispute on terms that are confidential between the parties.  

Considering these developments, Aker BioMarine has asked the ITC to discontinue its investigation. Aker BioMarine will continue to pursue its claim for patent infringement and damages from Rimfrost and Bioriginal in the pending District Court case in Delaware.


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