New product at Vitafoods 2016

By Aker BioMarine, April 27, 2016
We will host a product launch event and participate in several speaking opportunities.


Aker BioMarine has several new and exciting developments to share since launching the original Superba™ krill oil several years ago. Following on its launch of Superba™ 2 and new technology, Flexitech™, at the Expo West Show in March, the company will unveil another new product at Vitafoods 2016, which will be held May 10-12 in Geneva, Switzerland.

Aker BioMarine is inviting everyone interested in krill and omega-3s to attend a special event and cocktail party on Wednesday, May 11th from 15:30 (3:30 pm) to 17:30 (5:30 pm) at Stand #I59. Everyone who attends will have an exclusive opportunity to hear about the newest product in the company’s portfolio, and enjoy some entertainment and a chance to win some prizes.

The company’s executive team and chief scientist will also take part in several speaking opportunities during the three-day show, including:


The Next Generation of Superba™

TUESDAY - May 10th from 14:30 (2:30 pm) – 14:40 (2:40 pm) in the New Product Zone – Launch Pad Stage

Matts Johansen, Aker BioMarine’s CEO, will share how Superba™ Krill is changing the future of phospholipid omega-3s with better products featuring additional health claim opportunities.


Change the Way You Look at Phospholipid Omega-3s

TUESDAY - May 10th from 14:40 (2:40 pm) – 15:05 (3:05 pm) in the “Ask the Expert” Presentation Theatre

Nils Hoem, Aker BioMarine’s Chief Scientist, will discuss long-chain omega-3 phospholipids as well as uptake, distribution and effects of phospholipid omega-3s. He will also share recent pre-clinical and clinical results of krill oil.


Aker BioMarine’s New Technology, Flexitech™, Will Breathe New Life into the Krill Oil Market 

WEDNESDAY - May 11th from 13:25 (1:25 pm) – 13:50 (1:50 pm) in the Exhibitor Presentation Theatre

Todd Norton, Aker BioMarine’s Executive VP Superba™ Sales will discuss the company’s new technology and product opportunities.


For more information please contact:


Becky Wright

Marketing Director, Aker BioMarine

206-855-6736 x210




Katrin Berntsen

Director Communication, Aker BioMarine



About Aker BioMarine

Aker BioMarine is a leading supplier of krill-derived products to the consumer health and wellness and animal nutrition markets. Aker BioMarine is dedicated to the sustainable harvest of krill and development of krill-derived products. The company supplies biomarine ingredients through a 100% traceable supply chain. Aker BioMarine was the first krill company to be awarded Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) certification.


About SuperbaTM Krill

SuperbaTM Krill is a pure, natural source of the health-promoting EPA & DHA omega-3 essential fatty acids and the naturally occurring antioxidant astaxanthin. The uniqueness of SuperbaTM Krill is that the omega-3 fatty acids are provided in phospholipid form. In vitro, in vivo and human clinical research has demonstrated the safety and efficacy of SuperbaTM Krill.

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