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First commercial agreement signed for Lysoveta

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Oslo, 1 September 2022: Reference is made to the stock exchange release on 11 January 2021, with the announcement of the agreement between Aker BioMarine and biotech entrepreneur Dr. Michael Davidson for the development of pharmaceutical therapies for brain and eye diseases based on Aker BioMarine’s product Lysoveta.

As a result of this collaboration, Aker BioMarine has signed an agreement with Trofi Nutritional Inc. (“Trofi”) with the aim to develop medical foods products based on Lysoveta, targeting Alzheimer’s disease, male infertility and gestational diabetes, in addition to pre-natal supplements in the US.

“These diseases have a severe impact on the lives for a large proportion of the population globally. The collaboration with Trofi is an important milestone in commercializing Lysoveta and we will continue to build the body of scientific evidence for Lysoveta’s beneficial effects across life stages.”, said Matts Johansen, CEO in Aker BioMarine.

According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), there is an increase in these diseases in the US population. Both increased life expectancy and lifestyle-related risk factors for these diseases are seen as contributions to this increase. There are limited available therapeutical options in today’s healthcare system.

Under the agreement, Aker BioMarine will license, with associated royalties on sales, relevant intellectual property rights and supply Lysoveta to Trofi, who will invest in clinical trials with the aim to develop and commercialize certain products within the fields. Launch of first medical food and dietary supplement is planned for 2024.

About Trofi Nutritional Inc. Trofi is an early-stage pioneer in next-generation nutritional solutions designed to support a range of health needs from managing chronic conditions to achieving wellness goals.

The company was co-founded by Dr. Michael Davidson, Clinical Professor of Medicine and Director of the Lipid Clinic at the University of Illinois, together with Jonathan Jonas, CEO of JVC investment Partners. Trofi is headed by CEO Barbara McCartney, an accomplished multi-country business leader in the food, nutrition and wellness space. See also www.trofinutritionals.com.

About Lysoveta
Lysoveta features essential nutrients such as choline, EPA and DHA in the form of Lysophosphatidylcholine (LPC). LPC is a molecule with the unique ability to be transported across the blood brain barrier containing important nutrients for the brain functioning.

With the new Lysoveta product area, Aker BioMarine targets to raise market awareness, both through further scientific and commercial collaborations, as well as investing in a broad pre-clinical and clinical pipeline. The company is currently scaling up production of a Lysoveta dietary supplement line at its manufacturing plant in Houston, USA, and aims to introduce first product in the US market during 2023.

For further information, please contact:
Carl Christian Bachke, Investor Relations
Mobile: +47 909 808 48
Email: carl.bachke@akerbiomarine.com

About Aker BioMarine ASA
Aker BioMarine is a leading biotech innovator and Antarctic krill-harvesting company developing krill-derived products for consumer health and wellness as well as animal nutrition. The company has a strong position in its industry and is the world's leading supplier of krill, the natural, powerful and health promoting source of nutrients from the pristine waters of Antarctica. The company’s focus on sustainability inspired the launch of AION which assists companies to recycle and reuse waste. Aker BioMarine is listed on Oslo Stock Exchange (AKBM). See also www.akerbiomarine.com.