Aker BioMarine appoints aqua medicine expert to the QRILL Aqua team

Marianne Nergård


Marianne Nergård takes on the role as Veterinarian and Key Account Manager for QRILL Aqua sales in Aker BioMarine. In her new role, Marianne will be responsible for communicating the value of krill on the health and performance of various marine species.


Marianne has dedicated much of her career to investigating and communicating the effects of krill on fish health. Prior to joining Aker BioMarine, she spent five years at BioMar, one of the world’s largest aquaculture feed producers, working with product development and technical support on the health feed range. During her time at BioMar, she also worked closely with the Research & Development department, to explore the effects of  high krill diets on fish. One of her main responsibilities was to communicate how feed influences fish health and welfare, as well as how it improves the overall fillet quality and performance, which has a large impact on the value of the product for fish farmers.


“I am passionate about increasing fish health and welfare, and also in showing how healthier fish are part of making the aquaculture business more sustainable,” says Nergård. “I have witnessed on several occasions that krill is a key ingredient to mitigate the negative effects of several important infectious diseases, all while serving as a sustainable feed ingredient. This is why I believe that krill is going to be important to help improve fish health and performance in the future.”


“Marianne has dedicated a great deal of time to exploring the effects of krill in aquaculture, both in her studies and in her career. I look forward to having Marianne as part of the team on making the benefits of krill even more well-known in the aquaculture industry,” says Sigve Nordrum, EVP Animal Health and Nutrition.


Marianne is educated as a veterinarian, earning her degree from the Norwegian Veterinary School in Oslo, Norway. During her studies, she specialized in aqua medicine and wrote her thesis on the effects of krill feed on circulatory health in Atlantic salmon.



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