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Unique products require unique raw materials. Through years of research and development, Aker BioMarine has  established a process for production of LPC-bound EPA/DHA from krill, called LYSOVETA™

LYSOVETA™ achieves more targeted delivery and greater uptake of DHA/EPA in specific organs, such as the brain and eyes. EPA/DHA are vital nutrients to support healthy structure and function of these organs across the human lifespan.

Inspired by the breakthrough science that identified how EPA/DHA is transported into the brain, Aker BioMarine has now made it possible to further investigate how this can benefit human health.

Moving beyond using LYSOVETA™ for our own research, we are now keen to support more interest and research in the field of LPC for transport of DHA and EPA. We are dedicated to developing further insights and unlocking the potential for LPC in improving human health, and we seek partners and collaborators to join us in the exploration of this space.


Aker BioMarine identifies the importance of both continuing and increasing the research activity in order to gain greater understanding of LYSOVETA™’s full potential.


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