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Ola Snøve


Ola Snøve (born 1977) has been Chairman of the Board of Aker BioMarine since 2014. Snøve was Investment Director of Aker ASA for more than ten years and was previously President & CEO of Epax, a world-leading fish oil-based omega-3 supplier. He is currently a Non-Executive Director in several innovative technology companies. Snøve holds both a MSc and a PhD from the Norwegian University of Science and Technology, and an MBA with Distinction from INSEAD.

Snøve is a Norwegian citizen and as of December 3, 2021, holds a total of 565,000 shares through his wholly owned company Storbrea AS. Snøve has no share options.


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Øyvind Eriksen


Øyvind Eriksen (born 1964) joined Aker ASA in January 2009. Eriksen holds a law degree from the University of Oslo. He joined the Norwegian law firm BA-HR in 1990, where he became a partner in 1996 and a director/ chairman in 2003. As a corporate attorney he among other things worked with strategic and operational development, M&A and negotiations. Eriksen has held several board positions in different industries, including shipping, finance, asset management, offshore drilling, fisheries, media, trade and industry. As CEO of Aker ASA , Eriksen is currently chairman of the board in Aker BP ASA, Cognite AS, Aker Capital AS, Aker Kværner Holding AS, Aker Horizons AS, C4IR Ocean, and REV Ocean AS. He is also a director of several companies, including Aker Solutions ASA, Aker Energy AS, Aker Carbon Capture AS, Mainstream Renewable Power, The Resource Group TRG AS, TRG Holding AS, The Norwegian Cancer Society (Kreftforeningen), and a member of World Economic Forum C4IR Global Network Advisory Board. Eriksen is a Norwegian citizen.

As of April 13, 2021, Øyvind Eriksen holds indirectly a small portion of shares in the Company through his ownership in Erøy AS. Erøy AS holds 100,000 shares (approximately 0.2% shareholding) in TRG Holding AS, which is the majority shareholder in Aker ASA, which in turn holds indirectly shares in the Company through Aker Capital AS. Eriksen has no share options.


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Lise Wiger

Director, elected by the employees


Lise Wiger (born 1994) is a Financial Controller at Aker BioMarine ASA.

She has been with Aker BioMarine since 2017, working as an Accounting Associate, Accountant and Financial Controller.

Before Aker BioMarine, Wiger studied at Santa Barbara City College and BI Norwegian Business School.

Wiger is a Norwegian citizen and had no company shares or share options as of November 6, 2021.

Sindre Skjong

Director, elected by the employees


Sindre Skjong (born 1976) is the VP Technical Operations of Offshore Operations at Aker BioMarine Antarctic AS. Having been with Aker BioMarine since 2005, Skjong has worked as a sailing Chief Engineer, Project Manager and Site Manager, prior to his current role. Before Aker BioMarine he was the Chief Engineer at Skaregg AS and Technical & Operations Manager at Ramoen AS. Skjong has a Class I Chief Engineer education from Aalesund Maritime Skole, Coastal Captain education from Aukra Maritime Skole and Cooling Engineer education from Lade Videregående Skole. Skjong is a Norwegian citizen and had no company shares or share options as of April 13, 2021.


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Kjell Inge Røkke



Kjell Inge Røkke (born 1958), Aker ASA’s main owner, has been a driving force in the development of Aker since the 1990s. Røkke launched his business career with the purchase of a 69-foot trawler in the United States in 1982, and has gradually built a leading worldwide fisheries business. In 1996, the Røkke controlled company, RGI, became Aker's largest shareholder, which later merged with Aker. Røkke is currently chairman of Aker ASA, The Resource Group TRG AS, TRG Holding AS, as well as director of several companies, including Aker BP ASA, Aker Solutions ASA, Ocean Yield ASA, Aker BioMarine AS, Aker Energy AS, Aker Horizons AS, Aker Offshore Wind AS, Aize Holding AS, REV Ocean AS and Mainstream Renewable Power. Røkke is a Norwegian citizen.

Kjell Inge Røkke is the controlling shareholder and chair of Aker ASA, which owns 100% of Aker Capital AS, the Company's largest shareholder.
Aker Capital AS holds 68,132,830 Shares as of April 13, 2021. Røkke has no share options.


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Anne Harris



Anne Harris (born 1960) has been CFO at Statkraft since 2019 and has nearly 15 years of experience as executive from companies like Norsk Hydro ASA, Entra Eiendom AS and Multiconsult ASA. Harris has served as board member at The Institute for Energy Technology (IFE) from 2015 and has broad experience within finance, change management and business management, both nationally and internationally. Anne Harris holds an MSc, Economics and Management from BI, Norwegian School of Management. Harris is a Norwegian citzien and had no company shares or share options as of April 13, 2021.


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Cilia Holmes Indahl


Cilia Holmes Indahl (born 1989) leads the foundation of the global investment company EQT and works in the cross section between philanthropy and investments to make a difference, so-called impact investing. She has worked as CEO of Katapult Group, which invests in companies that work to reach the UN's sustainability goals. Previously, she worked as sustainability director at Aker BioMarine and climate consultant at KPMG. Indahl started her career at the UN Delegation in New York, where she participated in the negotiations of the UN's sustainability goals. Indahl is also co-founder of Sustainability Hub Norway, Norwegian representative on the committee that publishes the Nordic Council's Environmental Award and also sits on the board of Amedia. Previous board experience from SoCentral, Vitenparken at NMBU, Katapult and the Norwegian School of Economics. Graduated in economics with a double master's degree in international business and sustainable innovation from NHH and HEC Paris. Indahl is a Norwegian citizen and had no company shares or share options as of April 13, 2021.


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(credit: Gry May Ljøterud)