Our foundation.

We believe in a world where all have access to quality nutrition and good health without compromising the future of our planet.


Before we deployed our very first fishing net in the Southern Ocean, we began working with WWF-Norway to ensure that our operations would have low impact on the Antarctic ecosystem.

Over the last ten years, the partnership with WWF has evolved, and we are now on a mission to improve both human and planetary health. Ambitious goals are essential to overcoming the global challenges that will impact — and drive — the future of our business: loss of biodiversity, resource scarcity, lifestyle disease threats, and climate change.

We intend to be part of the solution to these challenges. Our Eco-Harvesting technology and marine conservation practices are making vital improvements. As a producer and supplier of marine ingredients, our daily responsibility is to improve people’s health without compromising the health of our planet and its oceans.

Our long-term commitment is to improve people’s health worldwide and promote the health of our planet.



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