Did you know that about 282 million tonnes of plastic waste are produced in the world every year - and only 15% of these are recycled into new products? Industry players with ambitions in circularity and carbon reduction strive to find quality solutions to increase the proportion of recycled plastic in their value chains.


AION is a sustainable business model innovation that grew out of Aker BioMarine’s ESG ambitions on circularity for plastic waste streams. Through AION, Aker BioMarine connects its solid industrial experience and financial capacity with ambitious innovation into the circular economy of plastics.


AION will become the leading circularity player within robust plastic fractions with a scalable and technology-agnostic business model, Circularity as a Service. We provide flexible and traceable end-to-end services in the field of circularity on plastics with a documented sustainability effect for our customers.


AION is an impact company with ambitious growth targets within circular volumes and CO2 abatement in our customers' value chains. In this way, AION will contribute to slim the total amounts of plastics whilst at the same time creating value for our customers and owners.


AION is in rapid growth. Check out our current vacancies below!


Circular Network Director

Director Technology and Digital Product

Material Circularity Expert

Director/Manager Sales and Business Development





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