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Aker BioMarine Invites Open Innovation Partners

AKBM_Open innovation_hero imageAker BioMarine is the global leader in krill-based products to the dietary supplement, pet food and aquaculture markets. All our products are made from krill harvested in the pristine Southern Ocean around Antarctica.

Aker BioMarine has a skilled team of 17 scientists (11 PhDs) with knowledge and expertise in various aspects of laboratory work, pre-clinical studies, clinical trials, preparation of scientific and regulatory strategies, and in understanding of the chemistry and pharmacology of krill components. Our internal capabilities are complemented by longstanding relationships with esteemed researchers worldwide.


Open Innovation Offer for Commercial & Academic Partners

Aker BioMarine appreciates and supports academic institutions and companies who want to conduct quality investigations and study our krill products.

In order to expand the knowledge and amount of research we invite scientists (academic and commercial) to get in touch with Aker BioMarine to receive our commercially available products for free. We are open to information sharing as well as collaborations.


Commercially available products:

  • Superba Krill oil (humans)
    - For clinical studies we can also offer placebo capsules
  • QRILL Pet meal (dogs)
  • QRILL  Aqua meal (fish/shrimp)
  • QRILL  High Protein meal (QHP) (fish/shrimp)
  • Asta oil (fish/shrimp)

Please send a short description of your project and affiliation to us and we will get back to you!

E-mail address: openinnovation@akerbiomarine.com

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