Sustainable Development Goals. Why? What? How?

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It is extremely important for companies to integrate sustainability in their business model for two reasons:


  1. Not to miss out on new business opportunities as markets are changing
  2. To make your own business model robust against risk


This is especially important because there are new regulatory frameworks arriving on sustainability. One such framework are the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, or in short, the SDGs.


What are “SDGs”?

SDG is short for Sustainable Development Goals. They were negotiated by the United Nations, but there were a thousand business leaders taking part in the process.


This means that the SDGs give us a great overview of all the causes a company can have an impact on. It’s giving us a exhaustive overview of the different ways a company can contribute to thier communities or society as a whole.


The overview includes 17 goals. The key for a company to actually contribute to sustainability is prioritizing where they think they can have the biggest impact. To this day we have yet to meet a company who has not been able to relate their core business to one or more of the SDGs.


So choose some that you think you can manage and focus on them. Want to know how we did it at Aker BioMarine? 


Take a look at our video to learn how we are working with sustainability:



Want to learn more on how to use the SDGs as a business advantage? Click here. 


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