Aker BioMarine Wins the NBT Award for Environmental Excellence
at Vitafoods Europe

An expert panel of judges selected Aker BioMarine from a field of entries for the Nutraceutical Business & Technology Environmental Excellence Award. In partnership with Vitafoods Europe, the NBT Awards recognize excellence in R&D, marketing and business technology within the nutraceutical industry.

The Environment Excellence Award is given to the company which demonstrates a significant focus on corporate social responsibility and the environment. The criteria used by the judges include evidence of leadership and innovation in responsible sourcing, supply chain efficiency, carbon reduction and
cultural awareness.

According to Dr Kevin Robinson, Head of the Judging Panel and editor of NBT, “In what was probably the most closely contested category in the competition this year, Aker BioMarine claims to have sustainability in its DNA; it has focused on the environmental issues since its inception and invests heavily in relevant certification and traceability. Its effort to go beyond the norm to achieve best practices in harvesting, processing and production have netted the company tonight’s environmental excellence award.

“Sustainable harvesting of krill in the Southern Ocean around Antarctica is the core principle of Aker BioMarine’s efforts, it would be impossible to us to approach it in any other manner,” said Matts Johansen, Executive VP. “We are extremely proud of this award and that our commitment to sustainability and best practices is being recognized in this manner. Indeed, Aker BioMarine is the only krill supplier to earn Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) certification and now our customers can use the MSC eco-label on their Superba Krill products, ensuring consumers of sustainable sourcing.”

About The NBT Awards
In partnership with Vitafoods Europe, the Awards recognize excellence in R&D, marketing, business and technology within the nutraceutical industry, across the entire sector, looking at ingredients, production, finished products, applications and business practices. The mission is to deliver a set of benchmarks that will provide a pan-European/global audience of nutraceutical professionals the opportunity to recognize significant developments in quality of service, health management, research and development, and relationship management, and will also provide a recognized and tangible reward for the successful companies. www.nbtawards.com

About SuperbaTM Krill Oil
SuperbaTM Krill Oil is a pure, natural source of the health-promoting EPA & DHA omega-3 essential fatty acids and the naturally occurring antioxidant astaxanthin. The uniqueness of SuperbaTM Krill Oil is that the omega-3 fatty acids are provided in phospholipid form. In vitro, in vivo and human clinical research has demonstrated the safety and efficacy of SuperbaTM Krill Oil. www.superbakrill.com

About Aker BioMarine
Aker BioMarine is an integrated biotechnology company dedicated to the sustainable harvesting of krill and development of krill-derived biotech products. The company supplies biomarine ingredients through an optimized value chain from raw materials to customers. Aker BioMarine‘s SuperbaTM Krill products are provided with 100-percent traceability from the Antarctic sea to the end user. Only Aker BioMarine’s krill fishery has been awarded Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) Certification. www.akerbiomarine.com

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For Human

Superba™ is Aker BioMarine’s brand name for krill oil products for the human market. The Omega-3 phospholipids and astaxanthin found in krill promote among others physical and mental health.

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For Aqua

QRILL™ AQUA is dried Antarctic Krill and krill oil products used in formulated diets for aquaculture nutrition to add value to feeds and can improve cost efficacy in aquaculture operations, www.qrill.com/aqua/

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QRILL™ Pet is a dried Antarctic Krill ingredient intended for pet food, treats and nutritional supplements, www.qrill.com/pet

The QRILL™ products

The QRILL™ products are a source of highly bioavailable phospholipid-bound Omega-3 fatty acids, the biologically active antioxidant Astaxanthin and high quality marine proteins.

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