Aker BioMarine signs first agreement for Superba™ Krill in Asia (06.05.10)

As announced during the Q1 2010 Financial presentation, Aker BioMarine has signed a distributor agreement with Compson Trade Co., Ltd for the Taiwanese market. This is the first step into the Asian market for Superba™ Krill and a milestone for Aker BioMarine.
“We are proud to work with a company like Compson Trade, and they have so far impressed us with their ambitions, dedication and high level of competence” says Matts Johansen, Executive Vice President in Aker BioMarine.

Compson Trade was founded 15 years ago by Charlie Wu, and has through it’s focus on marketing, innovation, quality and customer service, grown to the leading supplier of dietary and pharmaceutical material in Taiwan. Aker BioMarine’s Superba ™ Krill will with its new agreement have the best possible position to have success in Taiwan.

“Although all markets have their uniqueness, Aker BioMarine will use this opportunity to better understand how we best can position Superba™ Krill in the Asian markets. We will work closely with Compson and help each other making this a success”, Johansen comments.

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For Human

Superba™ is Aker BioMarine’s brand name for krill oil products for the human market. The Omega-3 phospholipids and astaxanthin found in krill promote among others physical and mental health.

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For Aqua

QRILL™ AQUA is dried Antarctic Krill and krill oil products used in formulated diets for aquaculture nutrition to add value to feeds and can improve cost efficacy in aquaculture operations, www.qrill.com/aqua/

For Pets

QRILL™ Pet is a dried Antarctic Krill ingredient intended for pet food, treats and nutritional supplements, www.qrill.com/pet

The QRILL™ products

The QRILL™ products are a source of highly bioavailable phospholipid-bound Omega-3 fatty acids, the biologically active antioxidant Astaxanthin and high quality marine proteins.

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